Monday, January 11, 2010

When You Republicans Start Consistently Doing Things For The African-American Community, Only Then Will We Cut Y'all Some Slack On Race Gaffes

The GOP is up in arms because of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-NV) foot in mouth moment that recently came to light thanks to the recently published book 'Game Change'. During the 2008 campaign he's allegedly quoted as saying that it was an advantage for for then candidate Obama to be a 'light skinned Black with no Negro dialect'

Sen. Reid quickly apologized for it, the president accepted the apology along with other African-American political and thought leaders.

"While there is no question that Senator Reid did not select the best word choice in this instance, these comments should not distract America from its continued focus on securing healthcare or creating jobs for its people," Sharpton said.

Congressional Black Caucus Chair Barbara Lee (D-CA) stated, 'But while there is "a deep unease about race which cannot be swept under the rug, Reid's public actions speak louder than words."

"Over the years, I have had an opportunity to work with Majority Leader Reid. Senator Reid's record provides a stark contrast to actions of Republicans to block legislation that would benefit poor and minority communities," she said, citing health care reform as one example. "I look forward to Senator Reid continuing to serve as Majority Leader to guide this important agenda through the Senate."

Michael Steele and friends immediately screamed foul and demanded Sen. Reid's resignation as Senate Majority leader, claiming a dubious 'double standard' on race when it comes to Republicans versus Democrats on race issues.

There's a double standard alright, and it's one the Democrats have earned thanks to forty plus years of fighting for and passing legislation that helps my community.

The Republican whining is especially acute in light of the resignation of Trent Lott (R-MS) from his majority leadership position after making racially insensitive remarks in 2002. He stated at then-Senator Strom Thurmond's 100th birthday celebration if Thurmond's 1948 pro-segregation presidential bid had been successful, the country would have been better off.

There's light years of difference in the two situations that anyone with functioning brain cells can see. Sen. Harry Reid doesn't have the long history of working with white supremacist groups and negative NAACP Congressional Report Card ratings (F by the way) that former Senator Trent Lott had.

Unlike Sen. Trent Lott, who spent his career along with his party fighting legislation that would help African-Americans, Reid has been on the other side of the issues fighting to pass them. and has the A rating from the NAACP to prove it.

The Republicans can stop whining because they have caused and continue to exacerbate their problems with race that feed the false 'double standard' they complain about in the first place.

I don't see Democrats actively working to suppress voter turnout in African American communities, advocating tax policies that only benefit their well heeled supporters, and being openly hostile to advancing civil rights legislation.

When they stop acting like the party of George Lincoln Rockwell and build up a history in this century of tirelessly working on issues that will benefit African-Americans and other working class Americans, and have done so for 40 plus years, then and only then will African Americans consider giving them a pass when they make mistakes on race issues.

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