Monday, January 11, 2010

Archie Marries Betty

Finally picked up my copy of Archie 604, which continues the six issue story arc of the comic world's favorite playa-playa deciding to settle down with one of the two lovely ladies vying for his romantic attention.

In Issues 600, 601, and 602 it shows us Archie's life after marrying Veronica, complete with twins, living large lifestyle and an executive job at Lodge Industries.

But fans of the Archie comics, and count the TransGriot among them, were rooting for Betty to marry Archie, and starting with issue 603 that's what we got.

We're treated to the other fork in Memory Lane and what transpired as Archie gets engaged to and is now on the verge of marrying Elizabeth Ann Cooper.

Unlike the earlier issues in which Veronica's spare no expense wedding was the hit of the social season that garnered media coverage, Archie and Betty's wedding is a small scale one at Pop's.

Archie is having a hard time finding a job like everyone else in America these days. Betty ends up getting the job in New York she applied for prior to graduating from college and she and Archie move there after their wedding.

Veronica pins him down at the reception and Archie explains why he chose Betty over her. She offers as the maid of honor to pay for the honeymoon since money is tight for the newlyweds, but Archie declines the offer. (Hmm, Veronica's growing up)

After a year in New York, they move back to Riverdale on their first anniversary and end up with teaching jobs at Riverdale High. I'll let you read 604 to find out why.

Betty also drops the bomb at the end of the issue that she's pregnant.

Looking forward to picking up Issues 605 and 606, the final one in this six comic series arc that wraps up this storyline.

Oh by the way, if you missed any of these issues, there will be one coming out around March which will consolidate the entire story arc in one issue tentatively titled Archie, Marry Me.

Anxiously waiting for Issue 605 to hit the stands now to see if Betty has twins.

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