Friday, January 22, 2010

Condoleezza For The New Millenium Is Running For Congress

My first Saturday Sellout piece was about Angela McGlowan, the Faux News conservanegroid spokesmodel who is called on when they need cover to attack Black people in general or the First Lady.

I was wondering why I hadn't seen much of her lately on the GOP Propaganda Network and now I know why.

To top off a bad week for liberal-progressive folks, I read over at Jack and Jill Politics that Miss Right Wing Thang had some meetings up on Capitol Hill with the NRCC and various Repugnican congressmemebers.

That's right, Angela is coming to a congressional district near you. To be precise, she's going back home to the Magnolia State to run for Congress in Mississippi's 1st Congressional district.

The 1st Congressional District stretches across the northern-northeastern corner of the state. It was formerly held by now Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) from 1995-2007 until he was appointed by Gov. Haley Barbour (R) to fill the remainder of Trent Lott's senate term after he resigned on December 18, 2007.

Democrat Travis Childers now holds that seat, and the Repugs are going after him.

There are already two people running in the Republican primary, so Angela's going to see if she can parlay her Fox face time, Ole Miss education, her time working in Sen. Jon Ensign's (R-NV) office (yes, that John Ensign) and beauty pageant good looks into a Congressional seat.

Michael Steele and his GOP minders would probably love for McGlowan to win the primary and be the one challenging Childers in the fall so they can trumpet how 'diverse' they are.

If you're parroting the same bull white male Republicans have been spouting for decades, putting it in a pretty package won't change the fact I and other African Americans ain't voting for your Oreo cookie chomping behind.

We're a lot more politically savvy than you give us credit for, but it'll probably work on the folks she helped bamboozle every day on Faux News.

As for Angela, ugh. What a waste. Another one working for the Dark Side of the Political force.

Since I have relatives in Mississippi, I'll definitely be paying attention to how this plays out.

And oh yeah Angela, the Field Negro is still awaiting a response to the invitation to debate him you keep ducking.

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