Sunday, February 09, 2014

Why Y'all So 'Scurred' Of Black Trans People Owning Their Power?

So white transpeeps, the attack on Janet Mock and other Black trans leaders 'isn't about race'?   Bull feces.  

Peep this comment from transman Mark Angelo Cummings:

I am seeing a very strange twist in our community, and why are we all of a sudden admiring individuals who have recently come out as advocates with little to no experience in that role. One is an actress, the other stealth for many years working at Peoples magazine behind a cubicle and now decides to write a book and is identifying as a fierce advocate? Both trans woman of color, which seems to be a very prominent twist these days as if they are the only ones in the trans community who have suffered and constantly harp on how bad they have it, leaving behind the rest of us. Separating themselves, creating their own groups and associations and hijacking the community at large.

Now all of sudden we see this rage, this uproar, this hatred towards "Cis" Gender individuals, there years of hurt is coming out in their attempt to advocate and it is creating one ugly picture. in addition, they are leading a war path, a path that will lead us into an abyss. I believe we need to stop this movement before it back fires and redirect our efforts to showing love and compassion and stop seeing color.... Mark Angelo Cummings.

Strange Mark?  The question I have to ask is why are you (and white transpeople in general) feeling threatened by the ascendance of an intelligent masters degree wielding Black transwoman who OWNS HER POWER?   

I note the only people in Trans World who have been trashing Janet ever since your 'ally' Piers Morgan led the attack to 'deal with her'  have predominately been white.

By coming out, Janet and Laverne's ascendancy not only gave our community possibility models they can be proud of and point to, they have opened the doors to a sorely needed dialogue (like the one I had in Houston at the Montrose Center last night) in the Black cis and SGL community about trans issues.  

How is that 'a problem' or 'a threat'?   

I and other Black trans leaders don't see it that way.   We have been asking for years to be included in trans leadership ranks that look like a Republican Party convention and you keep ignoring or dismissing our concerns and requests to do so. 
We are suffering with a 26% unemployment rate in Black Transworld and near genocidal levels of anti-trans violence being aimed at us that needs to be dealt with now, not 5, 10 or 50 years from now.    

For the last 61 years the trans narrative has centered on whiteness.  The transfeminine one has like in the parent society, white transwomen being the penultimate in beauty and femininity while Black transwomen are belittled, denigrated and murdered along with our trans Latina sisters.

Don't even get me started about how the transmasculine conversation has been centered on whiteness as well when media time does get allocated to talk about it

Now that you see Black transpeople confidently owning their power, have our own heroes and sheroes we can point to with pride, having their own conventions and TDOR events, have people like Kortney and my GLAAD Media Award nominated self and other video bloggers discussing our issues from an Afrocentric perspective, beginning to be supported by Black mainstream advocacy orgs like the NAACP and our SGL allies in the National Black Justice Coalition, you delusionally see this as 'cis' hatred and something that 'needs to be stopped'?

Seriously?   Have a seat Mark (and 'errbody' else in White Transworld who shares that jacked up opinion) and drink a nice tall Southern sweet tea flavored glass of STFU.

Laverne and Janet are in the media eye.   They are sheroes to a Black trans community that for the first time ever has out trans spokespeople who share their ethnic heritage.  We are reclaiming and talking about our trans history.   Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler is not only writing critical essays on his GLAAD nominated blac(k)ademic blog but has created the Trans* H4CK that seamlessly combines a hackathon with trans social justice.   Dee Dee Watters in Houston successfully organized the first ever Black trans organized TDOR.   Trans 100 honoree Carter Brown's Black Transmen, Inc is holding another BTAC Conference in April with a multicultural list of presenters and speakers while his org is helping Black transmen organize and own their collective power.   

And how is Black trans people showing pride in being Black and trans, doing for self and building institutions and community infrastructure similar to the ones that white transpeeps have enjoyed for decades 'hijacking the movement'?  Y
ou are clueless or have been standing in the Florida sun for too damned long if you think that way. 

don't see that as a threat or something that 'needs to be stopped', I see it as something that is long overdue. It is also a breath of fresh air in a trans movement that for six decades has been far too focused on whiteness. and the desire of elements of the white trans community to regain their lost white privilege at POC transpeople's expense.

Not like Moni didn't warn y'all on the pages of this blog for years the Black Trans Revolution was coming. 

Bottom line is that we're beyond tired of the invisibility and it's time for the chocolate trans community to do what our Black sisters did in the late 80's and early 90's when they separated themselves from a similar jacked up situation in the feminist ranks.    TransGriot March 29, 2011

As Kwame Ture said, "In order to participate in the greater society, you must first close ranks." 

I also see this as the long overdue awakening of Black trans people finally doing what our parents, grandparents and great grandparents did decades ago when faced with the same intransigent racism in our parent society. 
Because of your lack of vanillacented privileged wisdom, it was made necessary for African-American transpeople to tell our stories, do community building and close build our own community so that we as free human beings have options.

And you have no one to blame but yourselves for this development.  We warned you that if something wasn't done about trans leadership ranks that resembled a GOP convention and you kept ignoring our pleas to change that and share the responsibility of leading this diverse community, the day was going to happen that
we made our own damned tables and we wouldn't care if you liked it or not. 

As I've said on multiple posts here on this blog and on countless discussion Internet threads inside and outside the trans community for over a decade in various ways, race matters, even in the trans community.

We Black transpeople do not have the luxury of separating our race and ethnicity from our trans status because they are inextricably part of us.
   We also get reminded of the kente cloth woven ties we have to the Black community every time we get whacked by the same microaggressive and macroaggressive bull feces whiteness and white supremacy aims at the entire community.

I am Black first, trans second.  If I had any doubts about where I stand in that regard as a member of the trans community, I get a reminder of it every time I call out the bigoted and racist bull feces that occasionally pops up in our trans community ranks and you angrily hiss back I'm 'angry' or 'playing the race card' for simply for being willing to call your unacknowledged white privileged behinds out.

Your White Privilege Rewards Card isn't the platinum one mind you, it just got downgraded to one with a transgender flag sticker on it. 

It was past time for Black transpeople to close ranks, lift each other up as white transpeople have done for the last six decades, have those trans conversations in our Black SGL and cis communities, and do the education because we are the people best suited to discuss trans issues in our community. 

Having a strong, confident, politically aware and vibrant Black trans community telling our stories strengthens the entire pink, white and blue flag waving trans community as a whole.  It also strengthens our Black cis and SGL communities and any other one we choose to ally with. 

We in Black Transworld will choose who our heroes and sheroes are and the people that we consider leaders in it.   You don't like who we choose, tough.   But you are on notice White Transworld that we will not stand by and sit on our hands when you unjustly attack our leaders, and you do so at your peril.  . 

If you fear the rise of the New Black Transwoman and the New Black Transman because of your unacknowledged privilege, have several seats.  You can #bemad and #staymad about it.

We would rather work together to build community with our white trans brothers and sisters and our cis, bi  and SGL allies to advance our common goal of human rights for all.  

But we Black transpeople will no longer do so as a disrespected junior partner that you throw under the bus every time our opponents wave an opportunity in front of your noses to get your lost platinum white privilege levels back.   


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