Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Texas Dems: Don't Vote For This Woman

Normally if I have a chance to vote for a qualified African American candidate for public office with the bonus of them  being from my hometown, I'm jumping at the opportunity to do so. 

But this woman is not even close to what I would call being one of those qualified candidates.

Meet 37 year old Kesha Rogers. 

She's a PK and 2001 Texas State University grad with a degree in political science and speech communications.  She unsuccessfully ran for the chairmanship of the Texas Democratic Party in 2006. 

And she's a follower of Lyndon LaRouche.  She has called for the impeachment and execution of President Obama and has been photographed holding a poster of him with the Hitler mustache drawn in.   She has criticized the Affordable Care Act, calling it 'fascist' and baselessly claiming it will kill Americans'.  She rejects global warming, and argues that London based banking interest are trying to ruin America's economy.

Typical LaRoucheite stuff.   

She unexpectedly won in the 2010 cycle a Democratic primary in the 22nd Congressional District race against Doug Blatt and Freddy John Wieder, Jr,  who combined garnered 6814 votes out of the 14,281 cast in that primary election.

Since Texas has open primaries, I suspect Rogers' win was largely aided by Teapublicans crossing over to frack with our primary so freshman Republican incumbent Rep. Pete Olson could retain the seat.  He did by soundly beating her in the general election. 

Rogers again filed to run in the 2012 election cycle in the Democratic primary for that US House seat and once again faced Doug Blatt and newcomer KP George.  

Despite opposition from TX-22 Democratic leaders, she prevailed in the primary once again by 103 votes.   The Democratic state and local party apparatus refused to support her, and Rep. Pete Olson once again got a free ride to reelection. 

Now Kesha Rogers is aiming higher after her two primary wins and has filed to run in the US Senate race.  There are four unknown candidates in the Democratic Senate primary besides her in David Alameel, who is backed by Wendy Davis, Maxey Scherr, Harry Kim and Michael Fjetland.

And scarily enough, in a recent UT/Texas Tribune poll Rogers leads the best financed candidate in Alameel 35%-27%.  Scherr has 15%, Kim 14% and Fjetland has 9%.   Rogers has raised $26,000 for hers.

David Alameel, if you have some commercial time bought and ads in the can, now would be the time to run them. 

In a election cycle which shows promise of being the best one in over 20 years for the Texas Democratic Party, the last thing we need is an Alvin Green scenario here or even worse, the nightmare scenario that Rogers survives the primary and a potential runoff to become the Democratic Party nominee against incumbent Sen. John Cornyn (R).

I damned sure don't want that happening, and neither does the Texas Democratic Party.    

They have gotten busy getting the word out that Rogers is NOT a Democrat, but a LaRouche Trojan Horse running in our primary.  These are the Democratic candidates supported by the TDP and note that Kesha Rogers name is not on this official TDP website. 

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa is making it quite clear that she is not a Democrat.
“The Texas Democratic Party does not support the candidacy of Kesha Rogers or anyone that aligns themselves with the LaRouche Movement. Our State Democratic Executive Committee even issued a resolution against her campaign. Do not vote for Kesha Rogers in the primary.

“Rogers’ candidacy is an insult to our Party, our President, our state, our Democratic values, and to all the work you are doing to move our state forward.

So Texas Democrats, you have a few days to run, not walk to your local early voting polling place and ensure this doesn't happen.   If you can't make it before early voting closes on Friday evening, then make damned sure you're voting on Tuesday, March 4 in the primary election on that date

Because I can guarantee there are Teapublican activists and pranksters who will cross over to vote in the Democratic Party primary just to make sure this nightmare scenario does occur.  

I would love to see an African-American woman run for and one day become the first African-American US Senator from my home state.  

Kesha Rogers ain't the person I want to see making that history, much less making history by getting the Democratic nomination for that US Senate seat.

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