Monday, February 17, 2014

Jaci Adams (1957-2014)

AdamsFor many of you who didn't know Jaci Adams, she was typical of many of the #girlslikeus who do the activist work in our community. 

They are not only wonderful people, but fierce advocates known and beloved locally.  They do their work not only on behalf of the trans community they represent, but to make the city, state and the region they love better.

Sadly, they don't get much national recognition for it, but thanks to the The Trans 100, that paradigm is starting to change a bit so that people like her get their recognition and deserved accolades while they are still around to hear it.   

Speaking of accolades, they are still pouring in for our sister Jaci on her Facebook page which is still up at this time.  Please take the opportunity to leave a condolence message on it.   

The Philadelphia TBLG community is still saddened concerning the loss of one of their iconic personalities, and a team of people is planning a memorial service for her.   The memorial service date, time and location is still being arranged, an as soon as I get the details, I will pass them on to you.
Thanks to Gloria Casarez for sending me the link to the obituary article that ran yesterday about Jaci that I will share with you in this post..

Jaci was loved by a lot of people inside and outside the Philadelphia metro area, and she will be missed.  

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