Saturday, February 15, 2014

Jaci Adams Passes Away

jaci adams philadelphia
Per several sources in Philadelphia, I have been advised that longtime Philadelphia trans activist Jaci Adams is now with the ancestors after losing her valiant fight against cancer.  

The 56 year old Adams passed away this afternoon at 3:15 PM Eastern time.

Jaci rose from trying circumstances and hardships to become a beloved and award winning leader in the Philadelphia metro area.  She was a founding member of the Temple University Community Advisory Board, served on the planning committee for the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference and the Morris County Planning Committee.   Jaci was a long term volunteer with the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania, a member of the Philly Police Department LGBT Liaison Committee Team and was a founder of the 2004 People With Hope Trans Conference. 

As soon as I get the information concerning the funeral arrangements or memorial service, I will pass them on via these electronic pages for those of you who wish to attend. 

You can also leave a comment on her Facebook page.

When that memorial service happens, as a final tribute to the work Jaci did on behalf of the community she loved and spent her life working to make Philadelphia a better place for all, please fill up whatever venue that service is held at to show your appreciation. 

We'd also like you to be there filling up the venue and representing those of us from the national trans community who loved her and would like to be in the room but won't be able to.

Rest in power and in peace, Jaci.    

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