Tuesday, February 04, 2014

'Redefining Realness' Out Today!

I received my autographed copy of it just as Creating Change was cranking up in H-town, and finally had a chance to spend Monday evening settling into a quiet well lit corner and reading Janet Mock's book Redefining Realness.

It's an interesting read that seamlessly discusses her personal story growing up in challenging circumstances as a mixed race trans kid in Honolulu, Oakland and Dallas for a minute.   The interesting twist to this memoir is that trans community stats are weaved into it that reflect what she's discussing at that time and in that particular chapter of the book.

It's an innovative way to tell your personal story, and once I started turning pages in it I couldn't put it down. . 

Janet's highly anticipated book will be released today, and I hope this becomes a New York Times Best Seller.  

We'll see how that plays out.  Janet will also be doing a tour in support of this book, and I can't wait until she hits Houston. 

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