Friday, February 14, 2014

Thanks For The Support, SGL Fam!

In the days following the attack of Piers Morgan on our sister Janet, and the piling on by elements of the white trans community, I was gratified to see that for once, we Black transwomen weren't facing it alone.   We had support from our cis and other trans allies, including Latin@ and white trans and cis allies who called out the nekulturny people in their ranks.  

The support I was most gratified to see came from our Black SGL allies who wrote posts in support, and that support was deeply appreciated.

Denny Upkins had a well received one on my blog.  Preston Mitchum wrote one that was published in and Jaison Gardner (Nephew) wrote one that was published in the LEO.

And most deliciously satisfying of all, Redefining Realness still cracked the New York Times Bestseller List despite your hatred.

So thank you SGL fam for your support on multiple levels.  It meant a lot to me and the Black trans community.  

So far it has been just Da Fellas I've seen published posts from, but if Da Ladies wrote any, send me the links and I'll be happy to add them to this compilation post page..

Redefining Advocacy

Who Will Revere The Trans Woman?

Cis-To-Sis:  An Open Letter To Janet Mock 

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