Thursday, February 06, 2014

Dyssonance Comments On The Piers Morgan Interview

Been a while since one of Antonia D'orsay's posts has graced my blog. 

But since Piers Morgan had the balls to call Toni's name in vain on his show, I thought it only fair to give The Empress of the Known Universe a chance to respond to his ish and have it signal boosted for the benefit of her loyal subjects courtesy of my GLAAD Award nominated blog. 

The firestorm is still raging inside and outside Transworld over the jacked up second interview that incredibly people with vanillacentric privilege are attacking Janet Mock for and applauding Morgan for putting the 'uppity' Black trans woman in her place.   (sarcasm meter on maximum)

Toni wrote a post on her Dyssonance blog critiquing the interview and subsequent online firestorm and here's a taste of it.

I had stayed out of it, and raised an eyebrow at the way he and his followers were saying that he hadn’t been given the benefit of the doubt. Yet he had been given such: that was how Janet Mock went on his show the first time, and then it was why he was given a second chance the second time. That isn’t merely the benefit if the doubt, that is being willing to stick your hand n a fire twice.

Which is just one example, by itself, of why the entire second show was an act of violence and abuse, and it was intentional because he not only threatened her the night before, but he is so ignorant, he cannot help but be part of the system that intentionally causes harm.

So in that, we can see that what he did not only meets the World Health Organizations definition of violence based on scientific consensus, but that it was an immoral and unethical series of actions as a whole, meant to put her into her place and allow him to stand atop his prize and bleat triumphantly.
I saw it, livestreamed via a friend.

You can read the rest of Toni's post by clicking on the link.

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