Thursday, February 06, 2014

Piers Morgan Is STILL Tripping

The BS continues from Piers Morgan, who let his vanillacentric cisprivilege take over and continue his attacks in the wake of his first jacked up CNN interview with Janet Mock.  She called him out about it, and he then went on the counterattack on Twitter.

Hell, if this is an example of you being an ally, I damned sure wasn't feeling the love (and neither was much of the trans community and our true allies) after watching the two train wreck interviews that I can confidently say probably won't be nominated for GLAAD Media Awards.  .

And frankly, Piers Morgan claiming that trans people are 'cisphobic' is as laughable as the right wing conservatives polluting his network and elsewhere who claim that people of color calling them on their bull feces is 'reverse racism.'

The thing that has pissed the trans community off about both these interviews is that Piers not only didn't listen, he kept interrupting Janet. Then to add insult to injury, Morgan had the nerve in his vanilla scented privileged arrogance to claim that he was not only an ally, but we should be grateful for the TV interview time.

It's the optics of this interview that set many of us off, and especially those of us in the trans POC community.

And once again, what sets us off is that far too many people, especially in the media, focus and obsess on that past prior to our body morphing and use it to erase the people we have evolved to become now.
If you claim that you respect and admire the person that Janet (or any transperson) is now, what her birth name was or what genitalia she's packing in her panties shouldn't matter to you unless you want to date her, and she already has a man who loves her.  

All that should matter is the content of our characters, how we treat you as a fellow human being in 2014 and beyond, not when we came out of the birth canal
decades ago.

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