Saturday, February 22, 2014

Don Lemon Remembers He's Black Again.

CNN commentator Don Lemon can be exasperating to me at times.  

One minute he sounds like a cookie chomping sellout when he teams up with negro conservafool Niger Innis to attack North Carolina NAACP President the Rev. Dr.. William Barber for correctly calling Sen. Tim Scott (Teabagger-SC) a 'ventriloquist' dummy for the Tea Party or hypocritically siding with the New York City po-po's and former mayor Michael Bloomberg  over the jacked up stop and frisk policy

And don't even get me started discussing his interviewing trans fails.

But there.are times he gets it right and I have to give him his props for it like when he schooled CNN conservafool Ben Ferguson on his privilege in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict     

Here's another one of those moments.   Lemon and Keli Goff call out conservafool Emily Miller for parting her lips to say that 'white guilt' got President Obama elected.   Naw Emily,  it was 69,486,516 votes from a multicultural and multigenerational coalition and a 365-173 electoral buttkicking of McCain that got him elected.   And just for grins, while facing Massive Resistance 2.0 from the GOP,   President Obama garnered 65 million votes while winning another decisive 332-206 electoral vote win over Mittbot.  

Deal with that reality Emily Miller.   Oh yeah, forgot you conservatives can't hanlde reality well

Enjoy this Don Lemon Blackness sighting.   I have a feeling it won't be long before I'm blasting his azz again.

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