Sunday, February 23, 2014

Where's Kortney? Everywhere!

Photo: photography by Moloko PlusDr. Kortney R. Ziegler since the start of 2014 has been one busy brother.   He's been racking up the frequent flier miles as he takes Trans*H4CK national in addition to his speaking and lecture schedule.

I'll get to see him this weekend at the 2014 LGBT Journalists Media Convening in Washington DC, but this past weekend he was in Las Vegas handling their edition of Trans*H4CK.

FYI for you peeps in Chicago: Trans*H4CK (and its handsome creator) is coming to you in March as part of the weekend series of events surrounding the unveiling of the second edition of the Trans 100.   

"Considering that Trans* H4CK focuses on creating technology for trans* people with the input of trans* people," Dr. Ziegler continued, "it makes sense to partner with the Trans 100 in an effort to further highlight transgender activists that are changing the world for the better."

It will be taking place March 28-30 at Dev Bootcamp, so if you wish to take part. sign up now.

Dr. KRZ will also be one of the keynote speakers for the upcoming Black Trans Advocacy Conference in Dallas April 30-May 4 and looking forward to hopefully seeing him again in the Lone Star State.

Assuming I don't have any other pressing business in New York May 3,  I'm looking forward to being in the audience for this keynote instead of delivering one like I did last year. 

But I know for certain there will be a Dr. KRZ sighting in Washington this weekend, and looking forward to seeing him there. 

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