Saturday, February 15, 2014

What Else Is New? White Male Gets Away With Murdering Black Child In Florida

Michael Dunn During Opening Statement by DefenseThe reason you haven't seen much in the way of coverage of the Michael Dunn trial in Jacksonville on this blog is because I had the same sickening feeling it was basically going to be a replay of what happened in the Zimmerman case a few months ago

Same prosecutor in Angela Corey, same BS Stand Your Ground Kill a Black Kid With Impunity Law, and same cluelessness of the vanillacentric privilege White Americans walk in that considers the bigoted adult with the gun the sympathetic party and the unarmed African American teens as the scary aggressors.

The same white privileged cluelessness that allows the eight whites on the twelve person jury (the other jurors were two Black women, one Asian woman and one Latino) to believe that a racist butthole who fired ten shots at African-American teens listening to loud music in their SUV was 'a threat' to his life and his life was more valuable than the African-American kids he was emptying his gun clip at .

But Monica, some of you are probably saying, he was convicted of four of five felony counts.  Three of the convictions were for attempted second-degree murder of the other teens in the vehicle.  

Yeah true, but he wasn't convicted of the first degree murder charge that he should have gotten for killing Jordan Davis. 

And once again, prosecutor Angela Corey can throw Marissa Alexander under the jail for firing a warning shot through the roof of her home to defend herself and her children, but can't get convictions on two white men who killed Black children. 

As I said in the wake of the unjust Zimmerman verdict and will repeat once again, you want to get justice for Trayvon and Jordan?  Here's what must happen starting November 4. 

Vote the GOP bastards out in your state or area who support or voted for Stand Your Ground and voter suppression laws.  Vote out unjust Teapublican judges, DA's and prosecutors. Vote out Republifool congressmembers and senators in the 2014 midterms and beyond. 

Vote for candidates who will stand up for human rights and justice for all people. If you don't see those candidates, run for office your damned self.

Get control of your state legislatures and Congress back and fix what dictatorial Republican control, their Gilded Age 2.0 billionaire funders and a conservative Supreme Court broke.  

It's already galling enough to me this verdict happened the day before what would have been Jordan Davis' 19th birthday tomorrow.  We'll see what sentences gets handed down in this Dunn case before I decide how angry I really need to get over this verdict. 

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