Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Busy Weekend Coming For Me

The tail end of January was busy for me with 4000 of my TBLG friends and allies descending upon Houston for Creating Change, and the end of February for me promises to be just as busy,

I'll be back on the UH-Downtown Campus hanging with the Gators for a Black History Month event jointly sponsored by UHD Safe Zone LGBTQA student org and the UHD Black Student Alliance entitled African American Culture Within The LGBTQ Community. 

It will take place on the UHD campus on February 27 and run from 2:00-4:30 PM  in Room: North 420. 

When that event is concluded, I'll be finishing whatever last minute packing I need to do and prepping to leave Friday morning on a jet headed to Washington DC to participate in the fifth annual LGBT Media Journalists Convening.  

This year’s theme is ‘Honing Our Game’ and will focus on skill building.

It's my second one and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and getting my learn on at the same time.  You'll also be able to follow us on Twitter at #LGBTMedia14 

It will be a whirlwind weekend just like last year's in Philadelphia jam packed full of events and seminars, and the best part about it is that I will get to see many of my TBLG blogging and journalistic colleagues.

So just like I did before Creating Change, definitely made sure I got my beauty sleep last weekend because this is the weekend I'm going to be quite busy and probably not working on a lot of rest.   

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