Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jewlyes Gutierrez Case Update

uptown-jewlezgutierrezIt's not the result we'd like to see in the Gutierrez care (drop the charges, Dan Cabral) but in her recent February 6 juvenile court hearing Jewlyes Gutierrez was ordered by Judge Thomas Maddock to participate in a restorative justice mediation hearing with the girls who started this mess in the first place. 

I still find it problematic that Jewlyes was the only once charged with battery when the other three girls bullied her for months, instigated the fight and were getting their shots in on Jewlyes who was defending herself. 

The other element that bothers me is that no one except this blogger has has really asked the hard things that make you go hmm questions about how much influence the obviously transphobic detective investigating this case had to do with that outcome.

The mediated restorative justice sessions will take place, with Jewlyes returning to Maddock's court May 1 to report on the progress and a possible dropping of the battery charge. 

“I am relieved to know that Jewlyes will now have the chance to find peace and safety outside of the criminal justice system," said Transgender Law Center Executive Director Masen Davis.  "Youth belong in schools not jails. All students, including transgender students, should be able to go to school feeling safe and supported. At Transgender Law Center we have heard time and time again from transgender youth, especially youth of color, who are being excluded from being able to participate fully in school due to concerns about safety.”

While I eho the sentiments of Masen, I'd be more relieved if the charges had been dropped,

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