Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Janet's Big Day

Today's launch of her book Redefining Realness was the fulfillment of a dream for Janet Mock to become a published author.  It's also concrete proof that just because you transition, you don't have to give up on making your dreams a reality. 

If you come up with a plan, stick to it and put in the work to make it happen our dreams can be realized.

As Janet wrote in her blog post  'A Dream Realized: Redefining Realness Is Finally Here', she states:
For so long I believed that good things could not happen to me, that my dreams and goals and desires and fantasies could not come true. This is how I’ve navigated the world for so long, with feelings of doom, of inadequacy and pain, of letdowns and failed expectations following me. As I write in Redefining Realness, “Happiness was fleeting and accidental; goodness wasn’t in the cards for a girl like me.” I wish I was at some elevated space with myself where I could say I’ve conquered those feelings, but I have not. And this book is not going to fill that craving.

You can read the rest of Janet's post by clicking this link.

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