Monday, February 03, 2014

Piss Off A Conservafool-Buy Girl Scout Cookies

Photo: Right wing extremists claim Planned Parenthhood is "sexualizing young girls through the Girl Scouts", and "promoting homosexual lifestyles. feminists, lesbians, and Communists as role models". Preposterous! Show your support for the Girl Scouts and buy Girl Scout cookies. Here's a link to find out where to buy them in your area:

Meme courtesy of ShoreBud Mike
TransGriot Note:  Meme courtesy of ShoreBud Mike

The Conservafool War On Women includes not only attacking trans women, but also organizations that empower young women like the Girl Scouts.

They have not only said ugly and batturd crazy crap about the organization, but have tried to go after one of the funding streams of the organization in the annual Girl Scout cookie drive. 

So if you want to piss a conservafool off, now that it's Girl Scout cookie drive time, lets practice some intersectionality trans, bi and SGL community and buy a few extra boxes this year.    Even better, eat or share them in front of your wingnut co-workers to get even for the time they bought Chik-Fil-A  Bigot Fil A chicken biscuits or food to eat at your last office gathering. 

I could use a few boxes of Thin Mints myself..

To find out where to buy Girl Scout cookies near you, here's the link:

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