Sunday, February 02, 2014

Russell Wilson Makes Black History

Russell WilsonWhat a way to start off Black History Month!

Before today, in the entire history of Super Bowls, there have been four African-American starting quarterbacks who have played in the NFL's biggest game.   The first, Doug Williams in 1988 took his Washington team to victory over the Denver Broncos.  

Steven McNair was mere inches from joining that short list in 2000 when the Tennessee Traitors (yeah, I'm still bitter about that move) fell inches short of the championship winning TD.    Then there was Donovan McNabb in 2005 and Colin Kaepernick last year against the Ravens. 

Russell Wilson., the fifth Black quarterback to start a Super Bowl, made a little Black history today by becoming only the second ever African-American quarterback to win a Super Bowl when his Seattle Seahawks team took down the Denver Broncos 43-8.

And yeah news media, it's still a BFD when I see a brother quarterback in the Super Bowl, much less win one.  Colorblind does not mean ignore the reality of this historic moment when it occurs.

Now for the interesting piece of Black history still yet to be made.  Will Russell Wilson become the first one to win multiple or back to back Super Bowls?   We'll have to tune in when the 2014 NFL season kicks off to finad out the answer to that question.

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