Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Piers Morgan Starts Tripping After Janet Calls Him Out Over Interview

After Janet Mock called Piers Morgan out for sensationalizing her CNN interview with her, Piers Morgan took to Twitter to strike back and call her 'ungrateful'.

For what Oh Mighty Media Whitey?   You mad and got your vanillacentric privileged fee fees hurt because the Black trans woman called your azz out for disrespecting her on your show and she and the trans community are pushing back?

The chyron your peeps used was problematic to start with. But as Janet said in her BuzzFeed interview:  

“This is my first mainstream television show, was that moment, with Piers Morgan, and you see what they did to my story. Compared to a moment if I’m on Melissa Harris-Perry, which is slightly different, a more sensitive and safe space. But I go onto Piers Morgan, and all of my followers and everyone are like, ‘What is this?’” she said. But, she noted, “It’s also more representative of the ignorance that there is about trans people’s lives. We’re out of the safe bubble of social justice.”

Frankly, we in the trans community are beyond sick and tired of being sick and tired of the six decade old focus on our genitalia in the media.  If you didn't get that fracking message last month after the Katie Couric interview with Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera, here's the wakeup call once again.  

As a matter of fact, watch the Melissa Harris-Perry show and check out the proper way to do an interview with a trans woman.

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