Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The 4th Annual TransGriot Black Trans History Quiz

Yes, Black transpeople have a history, and it's vitally important that we know that history and pass it on to each other, our cis brothers and sisters  and future generations. 

But history isn't just for remembering the past accomplishments, we also have people who are making trans history right now.

Since it's Black History Month, time to emphatically make that point as I have done every year since 2011 when I created the first TransGriot Black Trans History Quiz.    The positive response to it was so gratifying I decided to make this a permanent blog feature.  The second edition in 2012 and the third edition soon followed. 

Now it's time for my 4th annual TransGriot Black Trans History Quiz.  It's an open internet test, and you have a few days to mull it over before I post the answers next week in a separate post that I'll eventually link to this one. 

And now, here's the 4th Annual TransGriot Black Trans History Quiz.


1. True or False   When last year's Trans 100 List was unveiled, there were 11 African American trans women and four African American trans men honored on it.   

2.  Which one of these is NOT a BTAC Conference award? 

A. Monica Roberts Advocacy Award
B  Kortney Ryan Ziegler Awareness Award
C  Carter Brown Transman Of The Year 
D  Kylar Broadus Equality Award  
E.  Louis Mitchell Empowerment Award  

3.  What Black transman and Black transwoman were named to the Out 100 List for 2013?

4   This transwoman from Toledo became the first ever trans athlete in her sport.  Who is she and name the sport.  

5  Blake Brockington became the first ever Black trans masculine to accomplish this feat.   What was his history making accomplishment?

6. This transman born in Houston was a popular gospel singer from the 40s-70's.  What was his name? 

7. Laverne Cox says she prefers to think of herself as this term.  What is it? 

8. True or False  Dee Dee Chamblee was named a Champion of Change in 2011 by President Obama.

9   Name the transperson who was the first ever to receive a GLAAD Media Award nomination for Outstanding Blog.
10   True or False.  Video blogger Diamond Stylz was the plaintiff in a court case to allow her to wear her dress to her high school's prom.

11. Who said this quote? "More than I’m a trans man, I’m a Black man. Many of the things that I see in the world and many of the things that I respond to in the world have more to do with how I am treated as a Black man rather than how I am treated as a trans man."

12   Audrey Mbugua filed a lawsuit to get the National Examinations Council in this nation to change the records to reflect who she is now.   What is that nation?

13.  Who said this quote?  “Our lives, the path we feel we have to take is a challenge. We are voluntarily accepting the role of Public Enemy No. 1: The black man is the most feared man in America."

14.  Houston's Dee Dee Watters last year became the first trans person ever to organize an African American themed version of this trans community event.  What was it? 

A.  A trans feminine summit
B.  A TDOR memorial
C.  A statewide trans conference
D.  A Transgender Day of Visibility

15.  The inaugural Trans* H4CK organized by Dr. Kortney R. Ziegler took place in this city.

A  San Francisco
B  San Jose
C  Berkeley
D. Oakland
16  Angolan musical star Titica was named a Goodwill Ambassador by this agency last year.  Name the agency.
17  Who said this quote?  "I'm a woman in mind, heart and spirit. That's all that matters. They can cut things off, paste things on, or reconfigure my body parts. If you're a woman, you're a woman. Period"

18. True or False.  A Black trans feminine student has never been named as her schools homecoming or prom queen.

19   How many ESSENCE magazine covers did trans model Tracy Africa Norman shoot? 

20.  Jordana LeSesne, Honey Dijon Redmond and Zoe Renee Lapin all have this in common.  What is that common denominator? 

21   Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P Johnson co-founded this organization in 1970.  Name it.

22.  This trans musician played tours with Whitney Houston, the Isley Brothers and several other major artists.  Name her.  

23   Who said this quote? "“They wanted to force me to be someone that I wasn’t. They wanted me to delegitimize myself as a trans woman — and I was not taking that. As a trans woman — as a proud black trans woman — I was not going to allow the system to delegitimize and hyper-sexualize and take my identity away from me.”
24.  The murder of this Boston area African-American transwoman in 1998 was the impetus to start the Transgender Day of remembrance that occurs every November 20.  Name the transwoman.

25.  Trans pioneer Gloria Allen in 2012 was teaching charm school classes for trans youth at the Center on Halsted in what city?


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