Monday, February 17, 2014

You Don't Wanna Talk About Race, That's On You

 googleBut unfortunately society and events are going to make it impossible for you to ignore the subject, especially if you're part of the ethnic groups that consistently get whacked by it. 

As long as one ethnic group has a belief that it is superior to all others, has political, economic, educational, military, judicial, media and sexual power to back that up, and members of it sit on top of the human power hierarchy determined to pass that belief on to their kids through the concepts of whiteness and white supremacy, then yep, you'll be waiting a long time before the world you'd like to see becomes a reality.

And naw, don't even start rolling your eyes and mumbling under your breath 'there she goes playing the race card again'. 

I despise the term 'race card'.  It is a conservafool constructed term that not only pisses many African-American and other POC's off when we hear it, it's designed to poison ANY conversations and divert people from the fact that nobody plays the so called 'race card' better and with more gusto than white people. 

It is designed to brainwash non-whites to feel they are wrong for mentioning injustice and it's their fault for how they are treated or perceived by whiteness and white supremacist addled people and society at large. 

It is also designed to ignore the salient point that
being born with white skin matters and if there is a so-called 'race card', nobody plays it better than or with more gusto than white people do.   The ugly reality is that race matters, it predates the founding of the United States, and there is a foaming at the mouth societal hatred of blackness and Black people in general that is the root cause of the disharmony we have right now. 

Being 'colorblind' does not mean we ignore the realities of life here in the US and around the world for non-white people.  Nor does i mean that non-whites bite their tongues in racially mixed company about their lived experiences in order to make white people comfortable or aid them in their desire to pretend those problems don't exist. 

To not talk about that or the fact that Black lives are devalued is
intellectually dishonest.

You don't wanna talk about race, that's on you.  but if people are serious in eradicating racism from American society, those conversations need to happen frequently, honestly and often, even if they do get messy and loud.

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