Monday, April 06, 2015

Vinny, You May Wish To Keep Fallon's Name Out Of Your Transphobic Mouth

Julianna Pena foi a primeira mulher a ser campe√£ do reality show The Ultimate Fighter
There are some folks in MMA who sure do love to talk shyt and call my homegirl Fallon Fox's name in vain don't they? 

This time another MMA fighter recently did so, and Fallon was nowhere near the cage in question when it happened.

It started when women's MMA fighter Julianna Pena made her UFC debut in Fairfax, VA Saturday against Russia's Milena Dudieva.

Pena spent a year on the sidelines rehabbing from a January 2014 freak training accident injury in which she tore the ACL, MCL, LCL and meniscus in her right knee.

The 25 year old Pena is not a fan of undefeated UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey  and has become increasingly vocal about wanting to fight her and take the championship belt from Rousey.

She took her first steps toward making that happen by taking Dudieva out in a brutally efficient first round 3:59 TKO.

In the wake of that MMA butt kicking 'The Venezuelan Vixen' administered to Dudieva that took her record to 6-2, Brazilian MMA fighter Vinny Magalhaes tweeted a transphobic and tasteless comment in which he called Pena 'Fallon Fox' .

When peeps started calling him out on Twitter about it, Magalhaes deleted the tweet and unleashed homophobic comments at his Twitter critics.   But as we all know, the Internet is forever, which is why I have it on this post.

This is also a prime example of how transphobia doesn't just affect trans women, but also affects cisgender women.  Far too often transphobia is aimed at cisgender women of color, and especially cisgender women of color athletes who have their femininity attacked.

Naw Vinny, I didn't appreciate that transphobic crap at all in attacking the femininity of another WMMA fighter of color in Julianna Pena and thinking bringing Fallon's name in it was funny.

It wasn't, and you need to apologize to not only Ms. Pena and Ms. Fox, but women athletes in general who hear that misgendering crap far too often.

And Vinny, keep Fallon's name out of your transphobic mouth, unless it's a call for UFC to stop stalling and sign my 5-1 WMMA fighting sis to a UFC contract.

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