Thursday, April 23, 2015

HERO Updates, Notes And News-April 24

“The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance protects all Houstonians and with the favorable outcome of this trial, the City of Houston is now in the position to increase protections against discrimination for its residents. As members of a community that face ongoing discrimination based on race, sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation, we welcome a local mechanism to protect all Houstonians from facing further discrimination based on their identities.”

Brandon Mack, Co-Chair, Houston Civil Rights Strategy Group

Aww yeah, my hometown FINALLY has a HERO!   Thanks to Judge Shafer's ruling last Friday, the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance is now in effect, and the city is taking steps to enforce it.

Yes, those of us in H-town who have fought tooth and nail to get this ordinance implemented are very happy that the too long and frustrating wait to get a human rights ordinance enacted has resulted in another victory for our side.

But as you know conservaevil never sleeps.

In addition to making their usual threats to knock Judge Shafer (who is a Democrat) off the Harris County bench,  they are desperately judge shopping so they can get an appeals trial started and completed before the August Texas Secretary of State deadline to print ballots for the November 2015 elections.  

If they miss that deadline, wouldn't be on the ballot until 2016.

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