Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Bold And Beautiful Maya Watch-Week Of April 6-10

Since the reveal of supermodel and fashion executive Maya Avant as the first major trans character on a network soap last month, I've been watching this  The Bold And The  Beautiful storyline unfold with keen interest as one of the peeps that Karla Mosley is playing.

As a TransGriot public service, I'm going to do a weekly recap of all things Maya related during the week on The Bold and the Beautiful.   For those of you who haven't gotten your B&B fix, this post will contain spoilers.


The week started with Maya and Nicole getting into another argument as she attempted to use her knowledge of Maya's trans status to extort her way into a modeling shoot.   Maya's ex fiance Carter overheard the conversation, and after Nicole left the office, angrily confronted her about what he overheard as he flashes back to memories of their two year relationship.  

He is pushing Maya to tell current boyfriend and Forrester Creations CEO Rick to tell him, which Maya doesn't want to do until she is ready to do so.   Rick walks into the office during their argument, but Carter decided not to spill her trans status to Rick and walks out.

Carter tries once again to get Maya to tell Rick that she's trans, pointing out that it's not just her personal business, but because Rick needs to know and it could affect Forrester Creations.   She replies to Carter that she'll tell him after she get engaged to him.

Carter confronts Nicole about extorting her way to a modeling shoot, and points out Maya is scared of what might happen if she reveals she's trans.

Rick notices that Maya is agitated about the confrontations and asks her what is wrong, but she tries to play it off and declines to tell him.   He professes his love to her and tells her he admires her integrity as she professes her love to him.

Maya later defends Rick with his mother Brooke at her side as Ridge once again throws barbs at him because in his mind Rick is unqualified to be Forrester Creations CEO.   Maya's defense of Rick impresses Brooke, who has resumed working for Forrester.

As Rick and Maya once more profess their love for each other, as she walks into the office she fails to realize she dropped the  package that contains her estrogen tablets. 

Rick finds the bottle on the floor, reads it and asks her the question why she would need to be taking conjugated estrogen.

Tune in Monday to find out the answer.

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