Friday, April 10, 2015

HPD -LGBT Community Dialogue Tomorrow

For those of you who can make it to the Montrose Center tomorrow morning from 10-AM-1 PM CDT, there will be a town hall meeting featuring  HPD Chief Charles McClelland, HPD's command staff,  HPD LGBT Liaison EJ Joseph, HPD personnel and other community leaders to discuss the spike in anti-LGBT crimes that I believe is fueled by the hate rhetoric spouted by our opponents during the fight to pass the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance..

We will be gathering in Room 106/107 at the Montrose Center to hopefully  come up with solutions to this problem that has already taken one life and left two other people seriously injured.

One suggesting is to extend the hours that the Montrose storefront police station is open.  I suggested in a previous post to bring back the Q Patrol citizens patrols that we instituted for several years in the wake of the Paul Broussard murder back in 1991

Address of the Montrose Center for those who wish to attend is 401 Branard St.

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