Friday, April 17, 2015

Marjorie Silva & Azucar Bakey Under Attack From Sore Loser Wingnuts Again

Marjorie Silva in Denver was just victorious in a recent loud and wrong racist human rights complaint in Colorado filed against her and her Azucar Bakery by right winger Bill Jack over a hate cake he wanted her to bake. 

Unfortunately she's going to have to defend herself again from another copycat filing by a second white male right wing troll who wouldn't know discrimination if it slapped him in the face multiple times, but does know how to oppress people.

Azucar-MarjorieRobert Mannarino filed his 'discrimination' complaint March 6 with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission claiming he is the 'victim' of 'religious discrimination'.

Ordering a wedding cake with hate speech on it is NOT discrimination.  Too bad your dumb azz wasn't paying attention when Jack lost his case.

He's also attacking her five star reviews by leaving nasty messages on the wedding sites, and that people use to find bakers for their special day.

I'd be laughing my azz off if it weren't so serious for Ms. Silva, or the fact that these racist trolls keep trying to attack this Latina bakery and ruin her business to prove a failed point. 

Business is booming since they attacked her, and let's ensure it stays that way.   After Ms. Silva wins again, hope she civilly sues Mannarino and Jack for damages.

I hope that peeps on our liberal-progressive side will continue to support Ms. Silva because she stood up for us as an ally, and we need to make sure we continue to stand and deliver for her as the wingers continue to demonstrate and do what they do best:

Oppress people that don't look like them.

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