Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Hey Houston, I'm Headed Home!

This isn't an April Fool's joke.  After nearly a week of being in Chicago and Washington DC for two events in which I represented Houston and the state of Texas, it's time for me to head back home.

I haven't done this much flying  since my Air Marshal days, and one of the things that I have loved about this latest trip that took me from Houston to Chicago with a Washington DC detour added to it is I not only got to see many old friends, but got to meet some amazing trans people of color who are just as serious about making trans human rights and acceptance of our people a reality as I am.

I saw the future of our movement, and as an elder I am pleased about much of what I saw in Chicago at the National Trans Anti-Violence Convening and yesterday's White House Trans Women Of Color Women's History Month Briefing.

I even got to cross visiting Ben's Chili Bowl off my DC bucket list.

But there was also something that happened in Chicago I was NOT pleased about, and the parties involved know what it is and the need to chill.  

We have much work to do because we as trans people of color are in a state of emergency, and it will take all of us utilizing all our various talents to deal with it.   I'm willing to work with people who are down with trans liberation and ensuring our humanity is not a debatable prospect.

How we make that happen is one of the questions I'll be pondering on the plane ride home.

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