Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Moving To Washington DC

Something else wonderful happened while I was up here.

After the WH event I was approached by a congressional chief of staff and immediately offered a job as a staffer in their office here in Washington DC to handle LGBT affairs.

One of their staffers saw me speaking during Creating Change back in February, and told her boss about me.   They liked what I had to say about issues on TransGriot, my ideas about progressive policy, and believe I would be a great fit for their office.

It was a dream of mine to work in Washington DC and on Capital Hill and now it's about to happen.  I e-mailed them my resume after I returned from Denver, they liked it, and have offered me a job that starts May 1.

So I'll be returning home to pack my stuff, and in a few weeks start my dream job.

But before you send me well wishes and congratulations, check today's date.  ;)

I do an annual April Fool's Day post on TransGriot, and this is it.


Unknown said...

Congrats, Monica! I'm proud of you!

DC Nelso said...

This is great news. I look forward to welcoming you to DC. I am a fellow native Texan and a trans ally.