Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Houston Anti-Trans Charter Amendment Petitions Turned In

You TransGriot readers are aware that we Houston TBLG peeps and our allies are still fighting to get the passed ten months ago Houston Equal Rights Ordinance implemented.

It is being litigated, .and we are awaiting the ruling from a judge about whether the much needed HERO will be immediately allowed to take effect, or be placed on the November ballot for a repeal vote.

Today Dave "I Pretended I Was Black To Get Elected' Wilson submitted six boxes of what he claims are enough signed petitions for an amendment to the Houston City Charter that seeks to enshrine discrimination against Houston transgender people.

I repeat what I said back in January about this: Not no but hell no.  Besides, why would we trust a guy who deliberately misrepresented himself as Black to get elected to the Houston Community College system board? 

But one of the things I'm pissed off about is the local media, led by FOXNoise26  that continue to pimp the discredited bathroom predator narrative instead of telling the truth and calling it what it is, a blatant attack on the human rights and humanity of trans Houstonians.

I'm also irritated about the failure of local media to interview trans Houstonians or local trans leaders about these repressive human rights proposals that will negatively impact us.

Houston city sealI left this comment in a KTRK-TV story which framed it once again around bathrooms and failed to interview ANY local trans leaders to rebut the haters.

Let's tell the truth ABC13 This petition by a longtime gaybaiter is all about enshrining bigotry and hatred of transgender people into the Houston city charter. This is not about 'safety'. I am sick of Houston media perpetuating a predator lie that has been thoroughly debunked and not talking to the people who will be deleteriously affected by this.
The good news is that a charter amendment requires 20,000 signatures to be placed on the ballot, and they failed (so far) to get on the ballot with a HERO repeal referendum with a lower signature threshold.

Will be anxiously watching this to see if I need to make another trip to City Hall to call some crap out.

TransGriot Update:  Mayor Parker announced that Dave Wilson's attempt to add hatred of transgender people to the city charter has failed because he didn't collect enough signaturesHe only collected an alleged 19,700 signatures and he needed to collect at least 20,000 valid signatures to place it on the November ballot.

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