Friday, April 24, 2015

The Jenner 20/20 Interview

Bruce JennerMy rule has been in these situations that if a person hasn't declared they are trans, I consider them cisgender until that declaration happens.   Until Bruce has that press conference, rumors about a Jenner transition are just that, rumors.
TransGriot,  February 2, 2015
''Moni's Take On The Bruce Jenner Situation'

That's what I said two months ago about the developing media hype fest around Bruce Jenner. 

Tonight that hype has been turbocharged by the start of yesterday's May ratings sweeps month and speculation fueled by Jenner's silence on the subject until the exclusive Diane Sawyer interview that will happen on ABC's 20/20 at 9 PM EDT.

I think much of the ambivalence I and a lot of the trans community is feeling right now is because of the way this situation has been handled. 

While I and every other transperson is happy any time someone decided to come out and embrace their trans truth, it's just the level of hype and media overkill that has been injected into this one that has turned off some folks in the community

It also has many of us nervous, at a time when we have unprecedented attention to trans issues and right ling legislative attacks on us  about how this interview will turn out.

But with that perceived negative has come some positives.  We have had trans advocates in communities across the country get called by their local stations and networks (nope, my phone hasn't rung yet) for interviews and commentary about this and other subjects of importance to the community.

Now if it turns out the Jenner interview confirms what is being speculated and gets some positive reviews, Trans World will breathe a big sigh of relief.

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