Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Rest In Power, Charlene Arcila

Was just advised by Louis Mitchell that another one of our trans human rights warriors has joined the ancestors in Charlene Jacqueline Arcila at age 52.

I first heard about Arcila in 2008 in connection with the organizing and ultimately successful protests in the Philadelphia area around the elimination of gender markers on SEPTA transit passes.   She filed the human rights complaint with the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations that

I finally met the 2014 Trans 100 honoree during the 2012 Trans Faith In Color Conference in Charlotte, and enjoyed the quality time I spent getting to know her during that event in which I was blessed to be the keynote speaker for.

But that wasn't the only one Charlene was involved with.   She was a founder and part of the planning team that helped put together the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference which is now the largest trans conference in the United States.   I was looking forward to seeing her there since I missed my chance to talk to her while I was in Philly last month for the LGBT Media Journalists Convening.

Charlene was an Executive Assistant at the Philadelphia AIDS Consortium/WHCI, a trans consultant, advocate and beloved trans community leader who was an ordained Deacon of Unity Fellowship of Christ Church Philadelphia.  She was also involved in 12 Steps of Narcotics Anonymous. and served on numerous boards and committee throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Charlene J. ArcilaArcila leaves behind her beloved Marcus Ajani Ecks, her family, colleagues, friends and a host of people in Philadelphia and beyond who loved her.

Rest in power Charlene.   Time for you to rest after a life well lived in service to your community and others.  The Philadelphia Trans Health Conference won't be the same without you.

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