Monday, April 13, 2015

Back To Austin To Lobby

The Texas Legislative session is still going on for another several weeks, and we still have 20 unjust anti-trans and anti-SGL bills that have been filed that have yet to get a hearing.

The last time I'd been to Austin to lobby was 2001.   This will make my second trip to our state capitol this year because of my deep concern for those anti-trans bills filed by Reps. 'Debbie Does Discrimination' Riddle and Gilbert Pena.

I'm headed up to the ATX to participate in the Equality Texas organized Freedom Advocacy Day.   'Once again me and a few friends from Houston and elsewhere in our state are inside the Pink Dome to remind our state legislators that we are proud Texans who love this state, and passing unjust laws that attempt to legislate anti-TBLG  hatred will have dire consequences for this state's economy.

The 2016 Final Four and the 2017 Super Bowl are scheduled for Houston.   I'd like them to stay there and not get yanked because of GOP legislative stupidity.

I hope you're also listening to business people in your own conservative ranks that are basically saying the same thing we are in terms of this bills are not good for the business climate of the Lone Star State

Will let y'all know how things transpired on this latest day trip to Austin.

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