Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I Am A Trans Texan

The current political modus oprandi of the Texas GOP to exhibit 'Proven Conservative Leadership' is to attack the humanity of trans Texans.

While I expected it and have for years, it still pissed me off as a proud native Houstonian and native three generational Texan.

I am not happy about this current unjust effort by white conservafools either here in my hometown or while doing their part time legislative gig in Austin to legislate demonization of trans people, and I will fight it with every millimeter of my being to ensure they don't become law.

Yeah, my human rights are so important to me I took the entire day to travel to Austin to talk to legislators to tell them why they must oppose these unjust Texas anti-trans bills probably crafted by ALEC.

They can attempt to ignore the reality of our lives all they wish, but the bottom line is that trans people are an undeniable part of the diverse mosaic of human life, and many of them like myself proudly live in Texas.

I am the heir of a proud legacy of struggle, trailblazing accomplishments and resistance that I have the responsibility of shepherding to the next generation of trans Texans behind me.

I have the responsibility because of the set of talents and blessings that I have been given, to use them to uplift my trans brothers and trans sisters, and work intersectionally with all the communities I come in contact with to make trans human rights a reality.

And the fact that I am trans does not diminish the fact that I am a proud trans Houstonian and proud trans Texan.   I love every millimeter of the 698,200 sq kilometers (268,820 sq miles) of Texas soil and my beloved hometown, and how dare you conservafools attempt to criminalize my and my trans brothers and trans sisters existence in order to score cheap political points.

What's even more reprehensible is you are not only attacking children, but you are doing so on a lie.

And no, Black peeps, I'm not letting y'all of the hook because some of you along with a cadre of sellout ministers have been aiding and abetting this effort to demonize trans people. 

If you haven't gotten the message by now, some trans people are Black, and I'm one of them.  I didn't give up my Black Card when I transitioned, and my unapologetically Black self doesn't give a rats anus about what you think about me being trans or not.  

Where I draw the line is when your failure to pay attention to medical science tied to a specious interpretation of scripture leads you to ignore the unassailable evidence that trans people exist and irrational fear and hatred of us.

That irrational hatred and fear of trans people in Black community ranks leads to black trans Texans being discriminated against, assaulted, or killed as Ty Underwood tragically was/.

I'm a Black trans Texan, and I'm proud of it.   You will not sell me and other Black trans Texans out so you can curry favor with white conservafools that hate the entire Black community, and I will call your ass out when you attempt to do so.  Black trans people are part of the kente cloth fabric of our community, and it's past time you got that message through your naturally curly haired heads..

I am a trans Texan, I exist and I am a registered voter.  And I will not be ignored or have my humanity disrespected inside or outside of the SGL community because of your failure to recognize my humanity.

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