Friday, April 10, 2015

I'm One Of Those Proud Texans That Supports TBLG Non Discrimination Laws

As many of you TransGriot readers are quite aware of, I am a proud Houstonian and Texan who absolutely hates the GOP dominated government that has mismanaged it over the last 20 years.

Instead of our state government doing what they are supposed to do and pass laws that benefit all Texans, they are basically working to oppress anyone that isn't a conservative white male.

LGBT Texans love this state, and as much as y'all would like us to either leave it or go back in the closet so you can go back to pretending we trans, bi and SGL peeps don't exist, neither one of those thing is happening any time soon.

The Lege back in January was hellbent on passing legislation to remake our bipartisan passed in 1999 RFRA into an Indiana style bill until they witnessed the backlash Indiana got for trying to legislate discrimination.

And may I remind the legislative conservafools and the FOX Noise bamboozled sheeple that support them that the 2016 NCAA men's Final Four and 2017 Super Bowl are scheduled for Houston's NRG Stadium.  

And as business leaders in this state are increasingly opening their mouths to say, discrimination is bad for business.

If  you and these fools wish to continue to see NCAA men's and women's Final Fours and Super Bowl coming to San Antonio, Dallas and Houston along with major corporate relocations and conferences, the Tea GOP needs to back the hell off of those unjust bills you're proposing.

And yeah, despite your best efforts to keep me from doing so with your unjust voter suppression laws, I vote

I'm a proud Texan that supports nondiscrimination laws that protect LGBT Texans, and I'm in the majority on this issue.   All I or any other TBLG Texan wants is to live our lives without micromanaging from our government or having our existence criminalized based on a debunked lie.

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