Friday, April 24, 2015

BTAC's First Couple On Cover Of Dallas Voice

Was ecstatic to see in the run up to the start of the fourth annual Black Trans Advocacy Conference on Monday, the First Couple of BTAC, Carter and Espy Brown being featured on the cover of the Dallas Voice.

There's also a nice article about them as well entitled 'A Typical American Couple', and here's an excerpt from it.

By 2011, Carter could clearly see need for a group specific to the community of black transmen. He had looked diligently and was unable to find a group like that anywhere — either online or off. When he realized nothing like that existed, Carter decided he would create the first one.

What followed, he says, was “a wave of men.”

When Carter staged the first conference for black transmen that year, hundreds attended from around the country. The conference is now an annual event that has grown every year.

Common concerns, special issues

Espy says all LGBT people share some common concerns, on issues like coming out and family acceptance. And some issues, she adds, are common to all transpeople, like the cost of transitioning and learning to present.

But there are other issues that are very specific to black transmen, and some issues that black transmen have in common with cisgender black men

You can read the rest of it by clicking on this link.

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