Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Combating Bossip Comment Thread Transphobia

before afterStumbled across this story of 22 year old trans barista Vivian Diego that works at Eva Longoria's LA restaurant being jumped and beaten by several men that the LA police are investigating as a hate crime. 

Bossip's comment threads when these trans themed stories are posted usually explode into a cesspool of transphobia

Normally, I just ignore it and go my merry way to surf somewhere else on the Net where I can engage in an intelligent conversation on whatever piques my curiosity.   Nine times out of ten I won't find intelligent commentary at Bossip, especially when it comes to trans issues. 

But today, I was in Maya Wilkes mode as I read the blatant ignorance in this thread that basically followed these spin lines:

*The victim deserved what they got because they were 'deceiving' the poor horny menz.

*The transwoman is 'rebelling against God' and needs to 'live as God made them'.

*Conflation of chromosomes vs DNA

*The genitalia = gender ID meme

*Several cis women stating an arrogant cis privilege filled belief that unless you can menstruate or give birth, you're not a 'real woman'.

*Straight up transphobic ignorance

*The transperson is possessed by demons and needs to be saved

So I decided after reading that toro poo poo I wasn't having it today and waded into the comment threads to drop 50 megatons of knowledge on the transphobic idiots in that thread.

There are just times when you have to go to war in these transphobic comment threads because it needs to happen.  Far from being a futile exercise, it is another form of trans advocacy for the folks that won't see a panel discussion at a conference or a college campus and we need to do battle in these transphobic threads so they phobes don't get comfortable spouting their ish and have to think twice about doing so.. 

For every ignorant comment in that Bossip thread, people that read the conversation later will also see the facts based ones I and others left behind and if they're curious, will investigate what we had to say on their own.   It also changes the direction of the conversation of that thread from one in which their are piling on a transperson to being forced to come to terms with their own transphobic attitudes.

TransGriot Update:  LAPD has clarified that the person's name in this case is Vivian and she does ID as female.  I used the feminine version of her old name in the compilation of the post because I can't stand it when old names that no longer apply to the gender presentation of the person in the article are disrespectfully used.

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Anonymous said...

I applaud your courage and determination in wading into the fray. I added a comment as well, hopefully to help clarify somethings. I think it's important as a cis woman to add my voice to try to balance the cis privileged stupidity. I know it isn't much. But the stupidity I see is disgusting.