Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cssa Ruby Turns One!

It has served over 700 people since its June 2012 opening, has attracted the unwanted attention of a hater who called in a bomb threat to the premises and served as the home for Latin American delegates to a recent HIV/AIDS conference that took place in Washington DC. 

Casa Ruby is celebrating its first year of service primarily to the trans Latino/a population of the District, but its doors are open to everyone.

The center located at 2822 Georgia Ave NW is now expanding services to the third floor of the brownstone it occupies. 

It currently offers a variety of social services and other programs to LGBT Latinos in the D.C. area in both Spanish and English. These include job placement programs, referrals to immigration lawyers, HIV testing and a food pantry.

Some of the money to cover Casa Ruby's $5,500 monthly expenses budget is coming out of Corado's own pocket, but she hopes to qualify for a recently announced Washington DC city program that provides up to $100,000 in grants to LGBT organizations that provide services to the District's residents.

Congratulations Ruby!  Hope you get that grant because Casa Ruby is a vitally needed community resource.  Hopefully the next time I'm in DC I'll get a chance to visit.

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