Thursday, June 13, 2013

EW Jackson Misspells Title Of His Book On The Cover

The Tea Klux Klan and their knee-grow auxiliaries just keep making it too easy for me to mock and ridicule them.   We're going to do this in Final Jeopardy format (snicker, snicker)  

E.W Jackson, the cookie chomping sellout running for lieutenant governor of Virginia has a misspelled word on the front cover of his waste of trees book.  What is it?

And remember, your answer must be in the form of a question 

Cue Final Jeopardy think music

Bishopewjacksonsr takenatrally.JPGTimes up, TransGriot readers.   What was your answer?

If you said, What is 'Commandments'? you are correct, TransGriot reader. 

Hey 'Bishop' Jackson, if  you can't spell, we damned sure don't need you making law.   Besides, your ideas and political stances are too batturd off the chain for you to even become the lieutenant governor of Virginia, much less be allowed to cast the tiebreaking votes in a deadlocked Virginia senate.  

And you know this fool just earned another Shut Up Fool Award nomination for this one..

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