Tuesday, June 25, 2013

TPOCC Press Release On Wallace Atttack

TransGriot Note: The TPOCC press release concerning the Wallace attack.
The Trans Persons of Color Coalition (TPOCC) is saddened to hear about the violent attack on Bree Wallace on June 21 at 1 a.m. where she was found lying in the street outside of her apartment building at 2400 15th St Place S.E. after being lured to the location at 3038 Stanton Road, S.E., Washington, D.C. where the attack took place

This is unfortunately part of a pattern of anti-trans violence aimed at transwomen of color not only in the Washington DC area but across the nation.  Since April we have had three African-American transwomen killed in Baltimore, Maryland, Orlando, Florida and Cleveland, Ohio with only one arrest in those three cases.

In the Washington D.C. area there have been the fatal murders of Deoni Jones and Lashai Mclean in addition to anti-trans violence aimed at other transwomen. The National Coalition of Anti-Violence reported in 2011 that 87% of LGBTQH murder victims were people of color and 45% of hate murders involved transwomen.

Ms. Wallace is recovering in a local hospital.

“We join with the Washington DC trans community and our allies in hoping that the perpetrator who committed this heinous act is brought to justice. From the reports that we’ve heard, the neighbors came to her aid immediately by contacting local authorities. We are thankful for their assistance and hope more people choose to be active in assisting others in distress. Our communities cannot stand by and watch human beings be beaten, harmed or killed any longer. We urge our neighbors, friends and particularly communities of color to step up and help stop the violence, Kylar W. Broadus, executive director, TPOCC.

We know that local activists Earline Budd and Ruby Corado are on the ground working with local authorities. “Our role is to support and assist local activist when these horrible crimes occur. We hope others that have information will come forward and cooperate with local authorities as well. We wish Ms. Wallace a speedy and total recovery, Parker T. Hurley, deputy director, TPOCC.


TPOCC is an organization to inspire and nurture collaboration among communities of color dedicated to anti-racism, fighting transphobia and the empowerment of transgender persons of color. We work to strengthen and mobilize individuals, families, and communities by changing laws, educating the public, and building social and economic strength among all persons of color.


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