Friday, June 14, 2013

Shut Up Fool Awards-Transwomen Rocking The House Edition

The White House that is!

The 2013 LGBT White House reception was held yesterday and it turned out I had more than a few peeps I knew in the room for that event that kicked off at 5 PM EDT.

In addition to Toni D'orsay, in the house representing the community were Janet Mock, Ayana Christian, Allyson Robinson, Denise Brogan-Kator, and Dr. Lynn Conway.

Those were just some of the tranpeeps y'all know and love that were in that nice house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

President Obama did address the huddled masses for a few moments and while he didn't say the words most of the folks wanted the hear (ENDA executive order), he did urge Congress to pass the ENDA bill.  

He also stuck around to shake some hands before departing  and the crowd started taking photos of each other that will be showing up on their various Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and Instagram accounts over the next few days.

Here's the POTUS making his remarks at the LGBT reception. 

Oh yeah, since it's Friday, it's time to segue into what I do on this day every week.  Do my due diligence in terms of letting you TransGriot readers know what people are gleefully representing the plethora of fools amongst our species.

As Mr T says, "Fools are everywhere." 
So let's get busy figuring out who won this week's Shut Up Fool Award.

Honorable mention number one is Virginia GOP lieutenant governor candidate and cookie chomping sellout EW Jackson.   He's been hanging around the Tea Klux Klan a little too much because their demonstrated ability to correctly spell words in English is rubbing off on him.    He's also attempting to tapdance away from some of his extreme statements that yoga leads to Satanism and that birth defects are caused by the parents sins.  

Once a Teahadist, always a teahadist.  Don't be fooled Virgina by his attempt to move from  the batturd wing to simply being an extremist.  

Honorable mention number two I'm going north of the border for.   It's Diane Watts of REAL Women of Canada.   As the only witness testifying against C-279 in that June 10 Senate hearing she channeled her inner Bug and regurgitated the same loud and wrong testimony she used last November to attempt to kill C-279 in the House of Commons.  

Just like last November, she failed.  C-279 passed out of the Senate committee whose eyes glazed over as they heard Watts' BS, and is now headed to the Senate floor for Third Reading.

Honorable mention number three goes to Governor Rick Perry (R-TX).    The GOP controlled legislature passed the Merry Christmas Bill  (I kid you not) that Governor Goodhair signed that states you have the right to say religious greetings like 'Merry Christmas' and display various religious symbols on school grounds.

"I'm proud we are standing up for religious freedom in our state.  Freedom of religion doesn't mean freedom from religion." said Perry. 

Wrong, dude. That bill is unconstitutional, and once again you're going to put Atty Gen. Greg Abbott (R) in the position of wasting our tax dollars to defend that jacked up bill and lose in court    You cannot spend public money to promote any religion and news flash, not everybody in the Lone Star State is a Christian.

This week's winners and prime examples of vanillacentric privilege and ignorance combining are Joey Heck and Tanner Flake.   Heck and Flake let loose racist, sexist, anti-Semitic and homophobic tweets that their Congressional Republican fathers, Rep Joe Heck (R-NV) and Sen Jeff Flake (R-AZ) had to apologize for. 

Like fathers, like sons.

Joey Heck and Tanner Flake, shut up fools! 

“I’m proud we are standing up for religious freedom in our state,” Perry said. “Freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom from religion.” - See more at:

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