Saturday, June 15, 2013

Truth.Be.Told. Take Two IndieGoGo Campaign In Homestretch

20130426135805-735091_225055794299385_1340164295_nLearned recently about an IndieGoGo campaign which is focused on funding a pilot for a documentary TV series called Truth. Be.Told. that focuses on Black :GBTQIA-SGL-TS visionaries to tell their stories.

Over 50 people have committed to tell their stories in Seasons 1 and 2 including Staceyann Chin (Jamaican-born, Tony Award-winning playwright); Emil Wilbekin (Editor at Large for Essence magazine), Patrik-Ian Polk (Creator of Logo TV's "Noah's Arc" series); Mia McKenzie (Creator of the Black Girl Dangerous blog) Linda Villarosa (a former Editor for the New York Times); Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs (Co-Creator of the Mobile Homecoming Project); Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler (Filmmaker/Transgender Rights Activist); and Justin Robinson (Grammy Award-winning musician, formerly of the Carolina Chocolate Drops).

The Truth. Be.Told. Executive Producers are Carol Ann Shine (who produced Noah's Arc for Logo TV, plus all of Patrik-Ian Polk's films), and Jennifer MacArthur,  Public Media Engagement Consultant for Independent Television Service (ITVS) and former Director of Television + Digital Media Engagement at the National Center for Media Engagement. Katina Parker is the Creator/Director for Truth. Be. Told.

From the IndieGoGo page, here's the explanation of the basic premise of the proposed documentary series.
The basic premise of Truth. Be. Told.: is in order to become all of whom we were sent to be, as Queer Black people, we have been pushed to question everything about our multiple layers of identity - race, gender, sexuality, class, vocation - and then reconcile who we know ourselves to be with the identities our families and society-at-large have constructed for us. Some of us face rejection from our parents, children, spouses, and other family; some of us experience job loss, religious persecution, personal attacks and violence; some of us are more afraid of who we might become than our loved ones who have been waiting for us to speak our own truth. By virtue of being Queer, we do this work in spite of the risks, in order to live more fully.

Truth. Be. Told. is a success that we build together. If you fund it, I will make it. And what I make will do us proud. Together, we will create the most comprehensive exploration of Queer Black identity, to date.  

To make that season happen, they are trying to raise $4000 to produce a pilot episode for Truth. Be. Told  to augment the $4000 already raised from their first campaign.  The deadline for this campaign is June 17 at 11:59 PM PDT

So if you can, consider dropping $5, $10 or if you're feeling generous more to help reach this fundraising goal and bring this much needed documentary series to life. 

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