Monday, June 24, 2013

Association of Transgender Professionals Statement About Allyson Robinson's OutServe/SLDN Dismissal

allyson-robinson-1.jpgTransGriot Note: Told y'all we're pissed about what happened to Allyson Robinson.   Here's the statement from the Association of Transgender Professionals about it

Equality in the workplace for the transgender community was set back this week by the sudden dismissal of Allyson Robinson as Executive Director of OutServe-SLDN.

“Allyson’s role at OutServe-SLDN was a beacon to all by demonstrating that transgender was finally an equal partner in the struggle for LGBT equality,” according to ATP Executive Director Denise Norris.

There are an unknown number of Transgender men and woman proudly serving in our military forces, but they can only serve if they sacrifice the same authenticity of self that was recently granted to Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual service personal with the repeal of DADT.  Allyson’s role as Executive Director at OutServe-SLDN gave hope and inspiration all service personal who were required to remain in the military’s closet.

Autumn Sandeen, an ATP member and respected transgender military and veterans activist states, “Allyson Robinson is a strong leader that many prominent trans* veterans trust and deeply respect. I’m sure I’m not the only trans* veteran who is saddened that she’ll no longer be leading OutServe-SLDN.”   Ms Sandeen, Petty Officer First Class (retired), served twenty years in the US Navy.

Norris explains that many ATP members are veterans of military service and have expressed great concern at the loss of the strong positive role model which Ms Robinson represents.

“One cannot serve with Pride if one is commanded to do so in the closet,” Ms. Norris observed.
ATP salutes all Americans on active service during LGBT Pride Month 2013.


About the Association of Transgender Professionals

The Association of Transgender Professionals (ATP) is a not-for-profit organization advocating economic equality and workplace inclusion for people with non-conforming gender expressions and/or identities regardless of socioeconomic standing.

To learn more about the Association of Transgender Professionals and its vision and goals, please visit

Its three-fold mission is:
  • To promote inclusion and equality for Gender Expression Diversity in the workplace (Acceptance)
  • To provide professional development services to accelerate the acquisition of workplace skills (Talent)
  • To develop viable employer recruiting channels (Placement)

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