Thursday, June 27, 2013

On The Road Again-Denver Here I Come

Doing an interstate road trip for the first time since I moved back home as of this writing.  It's also the first time in over a decade I've done one with members of my blood family in the vehicle.

I'm hitting the highway for a family reunion on my mother's side of the family that's taking place in Denver this weekend.

As of the moment you're reading this we're now a few hours into the drive and on out way out of Texas enroute to Denver on the I-45/I-35 leg of the trip

My mom's side of the family has frequent family reunions of which the first one I was able to attend was mere weeks after I returned to Houston in 2010 since it was our turn to host it.   My family on my mom's side is clustered in Texas on both ends of I-45 in Dallas and Houston, in the Greenwood-Yazoo City-Itta Bena, Mississippi area all up and down US 49, in the Cleveland area, the Memphis, TN area,, the Chicago-Gary, IN metro area and in the Tampa, FL metro area.

We have cousins in the Denver mtro area which we will meet when we gather for the reunion this weekend. I'm hoping I'll get a chance while I'm in the area to finally meet Eden Lane if she isn't too busy and see Kelley Winters again.

But have a few more hours and a lot of interstate highway miles to travel before I'm staring at the Rockies again for the first time since 2008.    

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