Friday, June 07, 2013

Trans People Make Beautiful Brides And Handsome Grooms

June is considered the start of wedding season, and we transfolks have much to celebrate in that regard in 2013 with two huge international trans marriage rights wins in Malta and Hong Kong.

After an up and down emotional seven year legal struggle that eventually saw her case go to the European Court of Human Rights, it took a change of ruling parties in the Maltese government before Joanne Cassar finally won.

Ms. W in Hong Kong's struggle wasn't as protracted, but was just as stressful.  She was down to her last legal strike after losing twice in lower court hearings before she prevailed at the most critical Hong Kong judicial level, the Court of Final Appeals.

As part of the diverse mosaic of humanity, transpeople also fall in love, form relationships and desire to get married to their partners.  What their genitalia configuration is underneath those bridal gowns and tuxes is none of you transphobic cis people's business as long as the two people saying 'I do' are happy.

And if it's a cis person marrying a transperson, that isn't your faith based concern either. If you wish to strengthen the institution of marriage, focus on your own damn marriage and make it the best one it can be instead of sticking your judgmental nose in somebody else's romantic business.

It's also my hope and prayer that some of my POC transwomen who are unecessairly dying due to anti-trans violence will one day get to experience the joy and happiness of not only being bridesmaids in a friend's wedding like I did in 2004, but eventually get married. 

And if I do say so myself, we are some beautiful brides and handsome grooms, too. 

TransGriot Note: The top photo is of South Koren transwoman Harisu during her 2007 marriage to her longtime boyfriend Micky Jung and the second is of Mexican trans couple Diana and Mario. 

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