Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Washington DC Proposing Legislation To Ease Trans Birth Certificate Guidelines

More positive news out of Washington DC in that the District of Columbia is working on legislation that would make it easier for trans people to obtain new birth certificates reflecting the people they are now.

“D.C.’s law as it currently exists makes it really hard for trans people to get their vital records in line with who they really are,” said Andy Bowen of the DC Trans Coalition in an interview with WRC-TV

Under the old rules to get a birth certificate change not only required genital surgery, but public notification for several days via classified newspaper ads.  The new ones would simply require a certified statement from a medical doctor and issue a new birth certificate rather than amending the old one.  

Too bad Washington DC's proposed approach isn't universal across this country.   Would make things a lot easier documentation wise for transpeople.   

The DC  Council Judiciary Committee has already approved the legislation and it will come before the full DC City Council in the next few weeks where it is expected to easily pass. 

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