Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ask A Trans Attracted Man-Part 5

As I've stated more than a few times on the blog, we girls like us need to do a better job of being fierce advocates for and appreciating the cis men (and trans ones too) who genuinely love us and want to have long term relationships with us that may result in us getting rings put on our fingers 

And we trans women also need to tell the brothers cis and trans in no uncertain terms what we want, need and don't need as they are vying for our romantic attention.

To facilitate that conversation, I've stated posting the videos of Troy, a self identified trans attracted man who has started a YouTube video channel to do just that along with the other videos in that ongoing series.

Trans feminine video bloggers are also beginning to chime in with their thoughts and blog posts on the subject of romantic relationships..   So are our trans brothers.

In addition to having for your viewing pleasure Troy's latest video.

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