Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Amended Trans Human Rights Bill Passes Delaware House

Gay News, Washington Blade, DelawareYesterday in the Delaware House SB 97, the Gender Identity Nondiscrimination Act ran into a speed bump on its way to passage and out of the House for Gov. Jack Markell's signature.

After House Minority Leader Daniel Short (R) brought trans oppressor Nicole Theis of the Delaware Family Policy Transphobia Council into the debate on the House floor to spread her patented brand of 'bathroom bill' hate, an amendment to it was introduced by the House sponsor, Rep Bryon Short (D-Claymont).

The amendment passed on a 25-16 vote.  It clarifies the definition of gender identity and ensures a person cannot claim a gender identity that is not their own to access a locker room or other sex-segregated facility.

The amended trans rights bill then passed the House on a 24-17 vote.   Three Democrats voted NAY along with the  entire Republican House delegation against your human rights Delaware transpeople.

Reps. William Carson, John Mitchell, and W.Charles 'Trey' Paradee are the folks who will forever go down in trans infamy as the ones who stood on the wrong side of human rights history along with (surprise, surprise) the Republican Party, so punish them all accordingly at the polls next November. 

The amendment to the bill means that since there are now two different versions of SB 97 that passed,  the bill will return to the Delaware Senate for them to approve the amendment that passed in the Delaware House before it can go to Gov. Jack Markell (D) for his signature.

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