Monday, June 24, 2013

I Welcome Your Hatred, Robyn

Because I call crap out, ain't 'scurred' to talk about whiteness, white privilege and how it deleteriously affects this community and call out the TS separatists (and others) for their racism and bigotry I have more than a few white sheet wearing detractors who straight up hate me.

Ho hum, Robyn Carolyn Montague is still bitter because I won't add her to the now 1800 people on my Facebook page.  All I have to say to you and the people that share your opinion of moi is I welcome your hatred.

And yeah, bear in mind that I've been active in this community for 15 years and contrary to your jacked up vanillacentric perspective, my friends in it who have my back don't always share my ethnic background.

The TS separatist ranks that you'd fit in quite nicely with because they are in the 'I Hate Moni' club ranks with you are chock full of bitter, rancor filled selfish idiots like you who are pissed off because they assumed they would hold the same level of white male privilege they used to have in their new femme bodies and society said otherwise.

And yeah, I sure am getting off my fine behind to help do my part to organize the next Creating Change conference coming to my hometown. I'm four videotaped hours and counting into an enjoyable oral history project at Rice University that will preserve my thoughts for posterity.  My seven year old blog is approaching 5 million hits and is archived.   I was honored by BTMI last March with an advocacy award named after me

And oh yeah, did you see who made the inaugural Trans100 List?   Sure wasn't you.

As I told your trifling, bitter butt back in February, my Facebook page, my rules.  Your continued nekulturny antics make that decision I made then to NOT add you to it look even wiser in the four months since I made that call. 

And you are still role modeling what I said about you four months ago. 

You're not a lady, you're another late transitioning asshole that still is carrying around that WMPesque attitude you spent much of your life marinating in.

So if you're going to post a derogatory comment about moi making an allegation about what I said, at least make it accurate.  Take the time to cut and paste what I said about you down to the syllable

On that note, I've wasted enough bandwith playing with you.  I have trans human rights I have to help our community get, stories I need to shine a bright spotlight on, trans people I need to inteview who are actually doing something to make a difference, speeches to write and a presentation to finish.

And naw, I'm still not adding you to my Facebook page

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Unknown said...

Omg..Is Robyn still going on about this ??? That Robyn person is one weird old stalking nutcase!!