Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hello 2013 Camp Aranu'tiq West Campers!

Today is the first day of the opening session of Camp Aranu'tiq West in its double secret California location.that runs until July 6

So what's Camp Aranu'tiq?  It's a summer camp for trans and gender variant kids ages 8-15 that has double secret locations to keep away the haters in California and New England.

They are probably too busy having fun and meeting each other to be concerned about what this trans elder blogger has to say but just in case they are reading this blog, here goes.


Hope you're having a wonderful time at camp.   It's something many of your trans elders wish we could have taken part in and reminds us that while there have been some remarkable trans friendly changes in the world since we embarked on our transitions, we still have much work to do and much more to accomplish toward the goal of making this a world safe for you to accomplish whatever big dreams you come up with.

What I said in last year's post applies in this one because it hasn't changed one millimeter, Camp Aranu'tiq campers.  Know that your trans elders and our allies love you.  We are doing everything we can to fight for a world in which you have an easier time navigating it.  Have fun while you're there at camp and be proud of the men and women of trans experience you are growing into.

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